Who We Are

                           Bridging the Gap

Mission 2 Mission Ministries is dedicated to bridging the gap between poverty and living a life fulfilled for men, women and children in all walks of life by matching their needs with solutions.

     How Mission 2 Mission started

Bargain shopping has always been a big part of our lives. We became more and more involved in Operation Christmas Child (www.samaritanspurse.org) and increased the number of boxes given each year. With the help of friends and family, shoebox packing parties became an annual event. It was while shopping for the OCC items that we began to realize that we were finding many items that would not fit in the shoe box or were not on the approved list for them. We began buying the items and finding it easy to match them with a charity that could use them. In time, we developed relationships with other businesses and retailers that would work with us at the end of each season in order to clear the remaining merchandise at heavily discounted prices. Soon we found ourselves providing backpacks and school supplies, underwear and socks, toboggan hats and gloves, baby formula and diapers, and the list goes on! Since Allen’s retirement in 2018, we wondered if we would be able to afford to continue our personal ministry. With the encouragement of our family and friends, we decided to take the next step and form a ministry that would allow us to accept donations in order to continue to help those less fortunate.

                           What We Believe

                                        Allen Gayle, President
We believe
. . . that lives are being enriched, encouraged and uplifted through our ministry.
. . . that no child should go without the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing.
. . . that giving a “hand up” is much more effective in making a difference than a “hand out”.
. . . that changing a child’s life, changes the future for us all!
. . . that regardless of race, color, gender, faith or any other differences, we are ALL God’s children.
. . . that “God so loved the WORLD that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 NIV)
. . . that in helping people meet their basic needs, we are changing the future

                   How We Bridge the Gap

Mission 2 Mission Ministries works with retailers, churches, individuals, and other charities in order to procure much needed items for men, women and children at a fraction of the cost or for free. The items are then matched with other ministries serving directly with the public. Our goal is to not only provide new or gently used items to other ministries for distribution, but also to link ministries with each other for “supply and demand”. Many times, a ministry has just what another ministry needs but is unaware of the available resources.